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C Studio Design provides a unique and bespoke service.

Producing interiors for clients in both the US and UK, projects range from residential to commercial. Tiffany strives to maximize the potential of the existing elements of a space and develops these with imagination and vision. Each project is handled individually to suite the needs of the client. 


Initial consultation -  Initial discussions with the client, detailing their project "wish list", to ascertain all requirements, goals, visions likes and dislikes.

Space planning- Internal space planning to include auto cad plans and elevations and full kitchen and bathroom design.

Project  - Liaising with architects, contractors and all associated trades for the duration of the refurbishment, with supervision of quality control regular site visits to assess progress. 

Drawing and specification packages- Full drawing and specification packages for the architect and contractor (where applicable) of all spaces,  including kitchens and bathrooms.

Design Presentation- Detailing all hard finishes, fabrics, specialist finishes, fitted joinery, furniture, lighting, artwork and accessories.

Bespoke- Kitchen, bathroom, furniture and lighting design. 


General Interior Design Agreement used by C Studio Design/ Tiffany Costanzo
(this may be customized per clients requirements) 

Scope: The designer shall develop interior furnishing specifications that may include painting, specialist wall coverings, fabrics, lighting and furnishings as required. The designer may also provide interior architectural drawings, floor plans and lighting plans as required. Contractors, Engineers and Architects may be consulted or hired through the designer to provide construction and/or building permits. The client acknowledges that Project deadlines are subject to the vagaries of the marketplace and the performance of third parties. 

These services may include, but are not limited to: 
Programming & Schematic Design. Programming includes, but is not limited to, conducting research; identifying and analyzing the needs and goals of the Client; assessing the existing environment; and evaluating project resources and limitations. A successful design requires the teamwork of both the Client and Designertherefore interviews with the Client or family members will help the Designer fully understand the goals for the use and desired outcome. 
Conceptual Drawings. Designer, if appropriate, will provide conceptual drawings, CAD diagrams, or other illustrations and/or materials to generally show the suggested interior design concepts, including both space and/or floor plan specifications and furniture, furnishing, fixture, textile, and/or accessories specifications. 

Merchandise Specification. Furniture, furnishings, fixtures, textiles, accessories, and building materials (collectively referred to as Merchandise) are an integral part of the design process. C Studio Design works with the Client in narrowing the selections based on the Client’s desired scheme. The Designer will assist the Client in  finding the appropriate pieces and selecting textiles and finishes that compliment the overall design concept.  

Design Fees: The Designer shall be compensated on an hourly basis at the rate agreed upon with the client. Fixed design fees may also be implemented for larger jobs. All design fees /hours for the Project will be invoiced  and payable by the Client upon receipt of the invoice regardless if the client decides to purchase furniture, fixtures and lighting. Upon signing this agreement, the Designer shall receive a non refundable initial advance, which constitutes the minimum fee due to the Designer for Design services. The advance will be credited against hourly fees otherwise payable by Client to the Designer for Design Services at completion of the project. All Design Fee are non refundable. 

Purchasing: Purchasing is billed at a rate as agreed upon with the Client. Full deposit is required for each item and only upon receipt of the deposit Designer will place orders. Designer shall arrange delivery and installation of the Designer-purchased furnishing and other items purchased on behalf of the Client for the Project. If available, Client will receive 50% of the Designer discount and the Designer will receive 50%. When practical, the Designer will present specification to the Client for Client to purchase direct from Vendor. Client is wholly responsible for all items purchased by the Client. 

Design Disclaimer. C Studio Designs cannot be held responsible for designs that may later be undesirable or cause inconvenience. The Client understands that all interior designs, including those provided by C Studio Design, may represent the opinion and tastes of the designer as the designer interprets the Client’s goals and wishes. 

Refunds &Cancellations: Once purchased, most items cannot be returned or cancelled, therefore requests to do so will be assessed on a per-item basis with no guarantee of return or cancellation; custom items cannot be cancelled or returned. Requests for returns and cancellations will be billed hourly. Design fees and reimbursable expenses are non-refundable, even when associated with a return or cancellation. 

No price guarantee: Designer cannot guarantee prices of merchandise, interior installation, or other services such as delivery not performed by designer. Vendor pricing is subject to change and out of the control of the Designer.

Reimbursable expenses: Client agrees to reimburse Designer for all out-of-pocket expenses actually incurred by the Designer in relation to the Project, including but not limited to, renderings, drafting services, postage and handling, freight, delivery and storage costs. Client shall reimburse Designer for all travel, lodging and meal expenses incurred by the Designer and Designer's staff (where necessary) in connection with the Project.

Payment: Proposals are due with payment within 3 days. Invoices for time billing and reimbursable expenses are due within 14 days. Invoices more than 30 days past due will accrue a 10% late fee per month and all work will cease until invoice is paid. Designer may accept credit cards for an additional processing fee. Designer shall be entitled to withhold delivery of any item purchased on behalf of Client should Client fail to make any payments due to Designer in a timely manner. 

Drawings: Designer's drawing are conceptual in nature and are intended to set forth design intent; they are not to be used for building permits. Project drawings and documents cannot be used by Client for any purpose other than completion of Project by Designer as laid out in this agreement. 

Contractors & Consultants: Designer is not a general contractor and not provide contractor services. If Project requires contractors and/or consultants to perform work based on Designer concepts, client will enter into a contract directly with each contractor and/or consultant. Designer provides no warranty, guarantee, certification, or responsibility for the performance, quality, or timely competition of any work performed or materials installed by Contractors, nor their agents or employees. Designer shall cooperate with and observe Consultants for the purpose of general conformity of the design plan but unless otherwise agrees is not responsible for their oversight. 

Permits: Client is responsible for permitting and or any and all approvals and compliance required by any governmental agency. If agreed and required the Designer will provide interior architectural drawings to the Architect or Engineer for permitting. 

Insurance: Client is required to have insurance coverage for all furnishing and materials during handling, moving, storage, and installation. Client is responsible for ensuring that their insurance coverage is sufficient per this Agreement. Designer cannot by held responsible to inadequate insurance coverage. 

Photographs & Publicity: Client agrees to allow Designer and/or Designer's representatives to photograph Project during all stages of Design Services including when project is complete. Photographs will be used for business purposed, including, but not limited to: press, publications, online social media, marking, advertising and print. Designer will not disclose the address of Client's name without prior consent. Cost os photographs and publicity are the responsibility of the Designer. Additionally, if Client or Clients' agents document the Project, Designer shall be given credit as the designers if documentation is released publicly. 

Have Fun: C Studio Design strives for the most comfortable, enjoyable and transparent design experience possible. We require open communication and honest feedback. 

Termination: Designer or Client can terminate this agreement by notifying the other party in writing. Client will be responsible for any outstanding reimbursable charges and hourly fees. All in-process proposals and orders will be completed by Designer and delivery to Client at hourly rate. If a balance remains in the Client's account, the amount will be refunded less any outstanding reimbursable charges or design fee. Client agrees to take no action which is intended, or would reasonable be expected, to harm the Designer's reputation or which would reasonably be expected to lead to unwanted or unfavorable publicity to the Designer. 

Limitation or Liability: Neither the Designer, Designer's Consultants, or their agents or employees shall be jointly or individually liable to the Owner for an amount in excess of the proceeds of the Available professional liability insurance coverage. 

Disputes: All disputes arising from this Agreement shall be resolved by binding private arbitration with each party to bear its own fees and costs. This agreement is governed by Connecticut Law.

Terms: The parties agree that the terms of this Agreement may be changed only by a writing signed by both parties and that no oral changes or waivers are permitted.

Ownership of Design: Designer shall retain ownership of the design, including but not limited to : drawings, renderings, sketches, samples, and other materials prepared by Designer of the project. Ownership shall include copyrights, trademarks, patents, intellectual property, or other proprietary rights existing in design. Client shall not share or use design for additions to Projects or any other project without explicit written permission of designer. 

By signing below, the Client and C Studio Design acknowledge terms and conditions contained within this Agreement and further acknowledge that this Agreement, along with subsequent written correspondence regarding, but not limited to, pricing, fees, terms, and timelines together represent a complete contract between the Client and C Studio Design/Tiffany Costanzo.


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